It's time to pucker up Eastern Iowa!

The KRNA Morning Show is having an old fashioned KISS-ing contest! One winning couple will win a pair of 19th row KISS tickets for the concert this Sunday in Moline. The winners will also travel to the show with me in a Diamond Limousine!

You're probably wondering how this all works? Well, here's the details!

The event is this Thursday, March 7th at The Chrome Horse in Cedar Rapids. Registration opens at 6 and closes at 6:30. You must have a partner to sign up. No purchase necessary, and there is no charge to enter the contest.

The "KISS-ing" will start at 6:45. It will be at that time you lock lips with your partner. Your lips must be touching the other person's lips for the remainder of the contest. If your lips stop touching, you will be eliminated. The team that kisses the longest will win the tickets and the limo ride!

We will have consolation prizes for the losing teams. This is KRNA, everyone leaves with something. It's like the Oprah show......almost.

We will have plenty of chapstick for you to use after the event is over. This will be a fun bonding session for you and your partner. All are welcome, let's have some fun!

Join us this Thursday, March 7th at the Chrome Horse in Cedar Rapids!

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