If your workday doesn't have some fun involved it's just a job, right? No one ever accuses us of just having a job. As a matter of fact, many would say we don't work at all. Exhibit 1,304A is what we did earlier this week. It's a winter relay race. The goal was to run, dress, undress, and do it all over again a few times. Which three-person team could do it the fastest? Would it be Brain, Courtlin, and myself from KHAK or the KRNA team of Jaymz, Eric, and Aphton?

Now you may be thinking to yourself, one team clearly cheated. No, actually that's not the case. Instructions were given ahead of time that one leg or one arm would suffice. One team listened and then there was our team... Yes, guilty as charged. Congrats to the victors. This time. We will get our revenge.

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