Joe Exotic has somehow remained relevant and in headlines since his Netflix special came out and saved us all during the first weeks of the pandemic. Now, he's decided to launch a line of cannabis products while he's in prison, because I'm suuuure he's run out of money.

The Tiger King came up with the idea last July (while in prison) and the wheels have apparently been in motion since. His attorney, Brad Small, told TMZ that they've locked in a partner with Tango Hotel Charlie Group, LLC and Cannaxxs LTD.

Joe's line of products will be named "Joe Exotic Cannabis," and Joe's going to be calling all the shots from prison.

It's weird, because for a meth-smoking tiger-guy, you'd think he'd be selling pot in prison the normal way: Illegally.

He'll be managing the deal from prison through phone calls and emails with his attorney, Brad Small.

The deal involves the companies putting up the cash to stick Joe's name attached to the products.

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