Oh boy, did Gucci the cow strike again! This time we're hoping that he's a good tipper. But you know cows and their history with tipping.

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Mason Corkery of Jesup has gone viral MULTIPLE times for his fun shenanigans with his pet Gucci the cow. They are probably the two most famous Iowans on Tik Tok at the moment. Their channel will make you laugh and make you cry.

The history behind the man and cow is quite a sweet one. This seven-month-old calf has always been close with Corkery, and they had a special bond from the beginning. Mason admits that this bovine was the one that came to him one day. Gucci did also have a sister named Boujie, but she, unfortunately, passed away, according to the Iowa Tik Tok star.

Then the duo really took off when Corkery took the bovine to Dairy Queen. That video got almost five million views on the social media app overnight. Ever since this major hit, Corkery's followers have been encouraging him to take his pet on yet another adventure, this time to Chick-Fil-A.
Mason Corkery via Tik Tok
Mason Corkery via Tik Tok

One outing involved Mason, Gucci, and Starbucks. Children came up to the window to get a chance to pet the gentle giant. Just like his previous visit to Dairy Queen Gucci went for a pup cup. You can almost even see the cashier's huge smile through her mask as she hands over their order.

However, a few of Corkery's recent videos with the viral farm friend is too cute to pass up. Gucci the cow is dressed to the nines for a night out on the town. In one video, Mason puts a cowboy hat and cowboy boots on the famous cow. Dressed to the nines, am I right?
Mason Corkery via Tik Tok
Mason Corkery via Tik Tok
One of their sweetest (and most recent) videos however will melt your heart. Corkery has been popping up all over Northeastern Iowa at fairs, schools, and even parades. One-stop in La Porte Iowa truly takes the top spot for me in regard to Gucci visits. 
Mason took his best bovine to Specialty Care in La Porte City to greet some of the residents of the facility. This clearly made many of the patient's days, since you can see the bright and big smiles on their faces as they pet the farm friend.
You can watch that video here!
The next video might not be suitable for young eyes, so prepare yourself. Corkery decided that little Gucci is a full grown cow now. So, naturally he decides to take him to a strip club. Specifically Flirts Gentleman's Club in Waterloo, because Gucci is of course a gentle-cow. 

You can watch the whole video down below!  

Took Gucci to see his first pair of udders 😄💵💵💰🐄🐄 #foryoupage#cowsoftiktok#SyncYourMiO
♬ I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper) (feat. Mike Jones) - T-Pain

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