KISS announced last week they will play the Quad Cities on their "End of the Road Tour." Tickets went on sale a few days ago, and it wasn't an instant sell out. There's actually some really good seats that are still available at face value.

Did you think it would sell out right away? I sure didn't. First of all, the show is 4 months away. Second, I feel with the ticket prices so high, this show deserves one, maybe two decent opening acts. As far as we know, there is NO opener at listed at this time.

When Motley Crue had their final tour, they invited Alice Cooper to open the show. This came at an expense for the band, but they wanted to sell tickets...and they did. It was a very successful tour and I think a lot of it was because it was a good package.

My advice to KISS is add a couple of good bands to open the show. People love KISS, but I think this tour needs a little help, especially looking at ticket prices. But it will cost them some money...and we all know Gene Simmons HATES to spend!

With that said, who do you think should open the KISS tour? Comment below and we will discuss your answers this week on The KRNA Morning Show.

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