It appears I have a new friend. This "new friend" has been following me around the parking garage here at Town Square Media. I've seen him every day this week. When I arrive in the morning, he's there. When I go home in the afternoon, he's waiting on top of my car. What's the deal?

I decided to give my new pal a name. He's now called Billy the Bird. Billy seems to really like my car....The other day he rode on the roof all the way out of the parking garage. He must think of me of his personal bird Uber! Come on, guy.

Should I stop at the pet store and buy some food for the bird? He looks pretty hungry when I see him in the morning. But what do you feed a bird? I would take him home with me, but I have a roommate and he wasn't thrilled with the idea. Here's a pic of that roommate who, by the way, hasn't helped pay the mortgage since he's been here.

Photo: Bill Anderson
Photo: Bill Anderson

I'm about to leave for the day, I'm sure Billy will be waiting for me outside. I love all kinds of animals, so this isn't so bad. And you can never have too many friends!

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