The heartland of America is home to a legend whose story has been brought to life in a new program called Kinnick: The Documentary.

This weekend you'll explore the life of one of the greatest Iowa Hawkeye football players of all time, Nile Kinnick. Produced and narrated by Scott Siepker, this documentary promises to take viewers on an adventure that will be both educational and entertaining.

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Nile Kinnick's Journey to Greatness

Nile Kinnick was a Heisman Trophy winner, a consensus All-American, a WWII pilot, and a child of the Great Depression. His journey to greatness is a story that is uniquely Iowan.

Born in Adel, Iowa, Kinnick's rise to fame began with his love of football. He played for the University of Iowa and quickly became one of the greatest players the school has ever seen.

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The Making of Kinnick: The Documentary

Producing a documentary that accurately portrays the life of a legend like Nile Kinnick is no easy feat. Scott Siepker, the producer, and narrator of Kinnick: The Documentary, was up for the challenge.

With a passion for Iowa and its history, Siepker was the perfect choice to bring Kinnick's story to life. The process of creating the documentary was a labor of love, as Siepker delved deep into Kinnick's life to uncover the true essence of the man.

How to Watch The Premiere of Kinnick: The Documentary

The documentary will have its statewide broadcast premiere on Iowa PBS on Monday, March 6 at 6:30 p.m. and will repeat on-air on Sunday, March 12 at 1 p.m. Through this program, viewers will learn about the life and legacy of Nile Kinnick, and discover why he is such an important part of Iowa history.

From his humble beginnings in Adel, Iowa, to his rise to football stardom, and his ultimate sacrifice as a WWII pilot, Kinnick's story is one that will inspire and captivate audiences.

Through this documentary, viewers will gain a new appreciation for the man who is considered by many to be the greatest Iowa Hawkeye football player of all time.

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