Who says Iowans don't have a sense of humor? Here are a few jokes that show just how funny it can be to live in Iowa:

Iowa, the only state where you can...

You have to love a state that can laugh at itself:

What do you call a bunch of tractors parked in front of a McDonald's on Friday night in Iowa?

Most Iowans are smarter than average, but we do have a few dumb ones...

An idiot from Iowa counterfeits $18 bills...

...and needs to get rid of them, so he takes a trip to a small town general store. He goes in and asks the old man behind the counter if he would please break his bill. The old man replies, "Sure, would you like 2 nines or 3 sixes?"
Iowans aren't the only dumb ones in the Midwest: 

An old Minnesota farmer found out the Minnesota and Iowa state border had been surveyed incorrectly.

Finally, a bit of comeuppance for our neighbors to the north:

What's the difference between Wisconsin women and Iowa trash?

Goodnight ladies and germs! Try the veal, and tip those bartenders!

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