Today is National Motorcycle Ride Day It always occurs on the second Saturday in October!  I ride on the back of a 2009 Harley Fatbob, safely maneuvered by my boyfriend Brett (who says he's been riding since he was 6, which is comforting, because I can be a little nervous) and we totally have to get out and ride this weekend! 

We love to celebrate National Motorcycle Ride Day and escape on the motorcycle!  I enjoy the changing leaves, the beautiful crisp fall weather - but I may need to leather gets pretty freakin' cold going 70 MPH on a day like today.   Pick a destination from this Iowa D.O.T List and hit the highway! 

I'd like to invite you to take part in a Charity/Awareness Ride!  Amazing people riding together, pit-stopping together.....all for a good cause!  To see local police officers joining together and directing traffic while 200+ bikes roll through small-town Iowa is priceless!  If you see a large group of bikers, remember....they're joining together for an important cause.

Enjoy National Motorcycle Ride Day today! It won't be long before our chrome babies will all be hibernating for the winter soon.

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