It's less than three weeks until Thanksgiving!

One of our favorite phrases this year is "supply chain shortage" and that reportedly includes turkeys, so you've hopefully begun your shopping for the big day. But you also need side dishes, so Google Trends is here to help.

Based on November 2020 statistics, they took a look at a breakdown of the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes, and Zippia published the results. If you could only choose ONE Thanksgiving side dish, what would it be?


It could be worse, I guess but Iowa's choice was green beans. Not stuffing, not mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce or yams. Good ole green beans. We're not alone as Indiana and Ohio picked them. Now, it's not certain whether it was chosen as a dish on its own or as the ingredient to the must-have green bean casserole, but wouldn't that be a side dish on its own?

Speaking of those other sides, the #1 most popular was, indeed, mashed potatoes, in 9 states including Illinois.

4 states chose "rolls" as their favorite Thanksgiving side dish (Florida, Michigan, Utah and West Virginia), and in Iowa, we are sandwiched between two of perhaps the laziest states when it comes to this? Minnesota and Missouri both like their charcuterie boards (cheese and meat tray).

A couple of outliers were the baked potato fans of Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Wyoming, and stuffing was the choice of Maine, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

For some reason, last year's popular choice, Macaroni, and cheese took a big hit in the standings this year, with only two states picking it. I can't imagine folks being bored with mac 'n cheese being it was such a regular go-to during the pandemic, but that could be it.

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