The Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids opened on September 15th, 1960. The mall has been a shopping destination for many of us that live here in Eastern Iowa. If you've paid a visit to Lindale, you've probably noticed the giant wishing well that sits in the middle of the mall.

There's a rumor on the street that the iconic Lindale Mall fountain may be gone very soon. My sources have told me there is talk of a coffee shop going in its place. I sure hope this is just a rumor, I'd hate to see such a cool piece of history leave us for a coffee shop.

Think of all the wishes there have been over the years. The fountain has brought joy to kids of all ages. Have you ever thrown a quarter in the wishing well? If so, did your wish come true?

I plan to contact mall management to get an official response from them. If you do stop by Lindale this week, stop by and make a wish....You never know when it could be your last.

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