University of Iowa Men's Basketball coach Fran McCaffery was ejected from Sunday's game in Maryland. In a scene that could be described as embarrassing, Fran McCaffery was tossed out with less than minute to play in the first half.

According to the Gazette, McCaffery "drew two technical fouls and the Hawkeyes fell apart defensively"

The Hawks lost 91-73, in a physical Big Ten Conference game. And to be fair, many observers saw what they described as some "uneven' play calling by the Big Ten referees. the result? Well, the Hawks are now 0-5 in Big Ten play this season.

“I didn’t want to get tossed. You don’t want to put your team in that position. I am going to fight for my guys. So that is what I do,” McCaffery said later.

There's nothing wrong with standing up for your guys, coach.But it begs the question: Is this the best you can do, Fran?

If so, maybe it's time for Iowa to go in a different direction, with a change that starts at the top to help get the Iowa Men's basketball program on track.

Many people think so. But many are less than excited to go on record and say it out loud. Fran's won-loss track record? Not that impressive. His temperament? Ditto.

To me, it seems to be a fair question that school leaders must certainly be asking themselves. Let's hope they come up with an answer sooner than later.

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