It's often said hot weather and the full moon bring out all the crazy fools, so this could be the week to be especially cautious.

As safe as it seems to some, the city of Cedar Rapids has been getting tagged as a place where both property crime and violent crime are both on the increase. Statistics indicate that to be true.

The most disturbing trend to acknowledge may be the rise of Domestic Assault that is evident on the stat chart pictured below taken from 2018.


According to Cedar Rapids Police reports, the number of shots fired incidents reported in 2018 was five times higher than it was ten years ago in 2008. That year, 21 shots fired reports were filed, compared to a whopping 117 incidents reported in 2018.

Mike Ferris








If you look at the statistics from NeighborhoodScout below, you see that Cedar Rapids has a higher percentage of crime than other cities of comparable size. Living in Cedar Rapids you have a 1 in 27 chance of being a victim of property crime.


It's no wonder why so many long-time residents reminisce of the good old days, when it truly was safer to walk the streets without fear of getting shot or robbed.

But it still stings to hear Cedar Rapids described as "Little Chicago" - hopefully that trend can be reversed.