Is Amana home to the Neo Nazi group known as the "Daily Stormer"?

Or is the Southern Poverty Law Center going a little too far in labeling the small Iowa town as home of the notorious hate group?

CBS2 News reported the story this morning, and you can see for yourself here that the town is listed with a swastika on the SPLC "hate-map".

CBS2 News quoted Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director David Rettig saying, “We were totally shocked by this, to be associated with a Neo-Nazi group in Amana is crazy."

Locals are plenty pissed, and with good reason, if you ask me. They contacted the SPLC and were told someone from the organization would get back to them, but so far they have not heard back from the SPLC to explain the listing.

I also tried to contact the SPLC by phone and could not reach anyone to speak to.

I understand the SPLC is being deluged with calls and emails, but if they're going to put that type of accusatory information out there on the internet, shouldn't they be ready to back it up with facts?

What do you think? Is there any proof that the Daily Stormer is immersed in the Amana Colonies or is it simply an overreaction on the part of the SPLC?

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