It is the unexplained mysteries of life that often baffle us. They can strike fear into our very soul. These strange occurrences leave us asking more questions, many with no answers. Because of their unsolvable nature, they can rattle us to the bone.

The story of missing TV News anchor Jodi Huisentruit is one of these fearful occurrences.

This could be one of Iowa's most infamous cold cases. A young woman feared to be abducted, in a situation that did not provide enough clues to ever solve the mystery or lead to a suspect being charged.

Jodi Huisentruit was working as a TV news anchorwoman in Mason City. One morning in late June in 1995, she failed to show up for work. When some of her belongings were found scattered around her car, it was feared that she had struggled with an attacker and was likely abducted. The case remains unsolved. No trace of her was ever found and she was declared legally dead in 2001.

[source: You Tube]

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