Here's a toast to all of us as Christmas comes to a close and we look forward to New Year's Eve.

Many of us like to "break out the bubbly" when it comes time to celebrate the occasion, but a new survey pours out the stats on what our favorite drink really is.

160,000 cases in total were sold in the last fiscal year (July 2018-June 2019) of the longtime favorite Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey. Coming in second was Captain Morgan at 109,000 cases.

Rounding out the top five in alcohol sales in Iowa were Fireball, Tito's Vodka and Hawkeye Vodka.

Overall, liquor sales in Iowa went up about 6.1 percent at a total of $340 million.

Blue Ox Vodka of Grimes was the top Iowa-made liquor followed by Templeton Distillery's "The Good Stuff" and Cedar Ridge's Blended Bourbon.

One last drop of information from this report indicates that we as Iowans like beer far better than wine.

So, drink up this New Year's Eve, Iowa, but please celebrate responsibly and get home safely with a designated driver, taxi, Uber, Lyft or other ride-share.

Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying one of my favorite drinks as the calendar turns. Happy New Year!


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