It's cold in Russia. That is probably the largest understatement I've ever made.

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That is what temperatures nearly 90 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) will do to your face. Temperatures in the Russian region of Yakutia reached that level yesterday. It was reportedly -88.6 Fahrenheit (-67 Celsius). This is a COLD part of the world. Temps often get to -40. No thanks. Ever.

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This guy was able to get in front of an outdoor thermometer when the temperature was a balmy -79.6 Fahrenheit.

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Let's put this in perspective. Cedar Rapids reached a bone-chilling -24 on New Year's morning earlier this month. Our lowest temperature on record in the city is -29 (January 15, 2009). That's 60 degrees warmer than Russia yesterday. I guess we should count our blessings that we live here, and hey, 30's are in the forecast tomorrow and 40's on Friday. Spring is coming... just not quite as soon as I'd like. ever recorded in Cedar Rapids is -29. That happened on January 15, 2009.

Days like today to provide beautiful pictures. My wife took this shot this morning from the 3rd Ave Bridge, looking over the Cedar River toward the Federal Building. I'm still glad it's going to warm up, though.

Julie James

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