Oh, now we get it. Folgers is responsible for daylight saving time!

We have a lot of tired (and sore) people in the office today from serving you at Saturday night's Hazy Hideaway Cedar Rapids Beer Summit at the Doubletree Convention Complex in downtown Cedar Rapids. Thank you for joining us and making it a big success.

But we are far from the only tired ones today. According to a new survey from the National Sleep Foundation, the average person says they feel tired at least three days a week. We can all agree Mondays are rarely easy, especially the one right after losing that extra hour of sleep to daylight saving time, and today's gloomy weather isn't helping,.so if you take them out of the equation by default, it's probably a lot more than that.

53 percent say they are irritable when they are tired, and 38 percent say they feel sick when they are tired.

The survey also says our general solutions to solve tiredness are caffeinated drinks--and lots of them, naps (March 9th is National Napping Day, but that's difficult at work), fresh air, sugar, chewing gum, and over-the-counter or prescription medications. Speaking of alcohol, it surprisingly didn't make the survey.

However you are handling that drowsy Monday feeling, we promise it will get better.



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