A new federal charge has been levied against a woman from Waterloo who authorities allege stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a relative of her husband.

52-year-old Kimberly A. Henny of Waterloo was charged with wire fraud last week, nearly two years after initial charges were filed against her.

Henny was the head of Healing Harvest Ministries. According to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, it was a "religious-based charity that operated Special Needs Services and Perspectives Behavioral Health."

Those served by Healing Harvest got benefits from Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME). In 2013, IME told Healing Harvest they needed to repay over $200,000. Henny began repaying nearly $170,000 in monthly payments of just under $14,500. However, early in March of 2016, court records show Healing Harvest was suspended from the state Medicaid program.

During that same time frame, Kimberly Henny and her husband began to assist with her husband's aunt, who was in a Waterloo assisted living facility. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier says the aunt had nearly $600,000 between a band account and annuities.

The aunt became legally blind and suffered a head injury in a fall. She also began to suffer from dementia and had trouble hearing. According to prosecutors, despite the woman's health issues, Henny had her sign checks totaling more than $350,000 to Special Needs Services, Kimberly Henny herself, and more. The checks were written between 2014 and 2016.

In 2015, authorities say Henny revoked the power of attorney that had been given to the aunt's son and daughter. They lived out of state and didn't know it had been changed. Henny and her husband had previously been power of attorney successors. She and her husband also took control of the aunt's financial choices at that time.

Afterward, authorities allege Henny used the woman's debit card to purchase nearly $24,000 worth of merchandise and took out almost $5,000 in cash. They also say she requested to withdraw nearly $260,000 from an annuity and put $250,000 into an account where she was the only power of attorney.

As we reported in a story in November of 2018, police say the money went to buy furniture and pay rent on Henny's home, and into multiple accounts belonging to her and other family members. Court records indicate some money was used for a trip outside of Iowa, that did not include the victim.

Henny was originally arrested on November 19, 2018, on felony charges of first-degree theft and dependent adult exploitation. She is still awaiting trial on those charges.

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