This is just one more reason you should say nope to dope.

According to CBS2, "Sheriff's deputies in the southwestern corner of Iowa have seized about 300 pounds of marijuana in a traffic stop along Interstate 29."

All we know from the CBS2 story is that a recreational vehicle was pulled over near Hamburg. Coincidently, Hamburg is about 300 miles from Cedar Rapids. The cops had a drug dog in the car with them. You know the rest of the barks, pot is found, three men arrested.

The names of the suspects have not been released at this time. It was reported one of the men was from North Carolina and the other two from Virginia.

300 pounds is a lot of pot. It looks like someone else will have to travel to Colorado so the southwestern corner of the state can get their fix of weed.

If you ask me, pot should be legal anyway....but, I digress.

[Source: CBS2]

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