An "all-Iowa alliance" could be brewing as the new season of "Survivor" features two former contestants from Cedar Rapids and a third with Eastern Iowa ties.

It's "Survivor 40: Winners at War", and returning are past winners Denise Stapley and Sarah Lacina of Cedar Rapids, as well as Danni Boatright, a radio personality, actress and model married to former Iowa Hawkeye and NFL football player Casey Wiegmann from Parkersburg.

Denise Stapley; Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
[via CBS][/caption]

Sarah Lacina; CBS
Danni Boatwright, CBS photo

The new season pits past winners against each other for a $2 million prize. Stapley won on the "Survivor: Philippines" season in 2012, Cedar Rapids police investigator Lacina won the "Game Changers" season in 2017 after previously being voted off the show in 2013, and Boatright competed and won in 2005, on "Survivor: Guatemala".

Lacina's athletic prowess includes a "7-7-7" series of marathons where she completed seven marathons, on seven continents in 7 days.

We'll be pulling for all of our Iowa contestants when they go to war with their opponents on the new season of "Survivor", premiering February 12 at 7 p.m. on CBS 2.

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