Don't listen to the rumors, life is good for Iowa State Fans!

According to WHO-TV. "Iowa State head football coach Matt Campbell agreed to a contract extension through 2024."

Campbell has had a good run as the head coach of Iowa State. He's been the Big 12 Coach-of-the-Year the last two seasons and Iowa State exceeded expectations this year with a 8-4 record.

Campbell's last extension was worth $22.5 million for six seasons. His staff will also receive an additional $1 million in compensation. It's safe to say Matt Campbell is having a good weekend.

I realize now I should have gotten into coaching instead of radio. Doing some basic math, it would take me about 197 years to make that kind of money with my current salary. When you look at it like that, it really puts things into perspective.

Iowa State will take on Washington State in the Alamo Bowl on Friday, December 28th.

[Source: WHO]

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