According to WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, "More than $8.5 million was wagered at 13 participating casinos in Iowa's first month of sports betting."

The top casino in the state was Prairie Meadows in Altoona. They took in $3.4 million in sports bets and paid out about $2.9 million. Des Moines is just 12 miles from the casino, so this number should come as no surprise.

I've talked with a couple friends of mine that have made bets in Riverside. Both told me it was easy to get an account and the on-line option is very convenient.

I haven't made a "legal bet" here in Iowa, but I plan to before the football season is over. I still have a local bookie and if I really need to make a bet I can always call him. It still seems weird that it's legal to make a sports bet here in Iowa. I never thought it would happen, but I'm glad it did.

To read the full story courtesy of WCCO-TV, click on this link.

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