If someone from out of state, let's say way out of state, like Texas, for example, asked you, 'what does Iowa smell like?' How would you answer that question? I mean, doesn't it depend on the season? Mid-summer if you venture out of a larger, urban area, it may smell like manure. Or, in a more urban setting, it would smell... like a city, right? In the winter, there wouldn't really be a smell, per se, correct?

Well, there's a study that's been done to determine America's smellies state, and wouldn't you know Iowa ranked pretty high. Oh, and that's a good thing. Means we don't stink too bad.

Iowa is the 39th smelliest state

According to a bit off odd and unessisary research, Iowa ranks 39 out of 50 in the smelliest state study done by Zippia, who have again proven there's nothing that can't, or won't, be researched. The study used a simple and hence super scientific method: the percentage of each state that is landfill space. They claim to have used EPA data for this, which beats sending out a team of drones I suppose.

Iowa's 39th rank puts us just ahead of midwestern neighbors Minnesota (37th), Missouri (22nd) and Illinois (26th). But behind Wisconsin (46th) and Nebraksa (40th). Cleary these researchers have never smelled a river at the right, or wrong, part of the day. The top three smelliest states are Maryland, California and Florida according to the study.

So, if Iowa had an official state smell, it would be...

What would are state smell like overall? Earlier I mentioned season and location in the state and blah blah. But if you had to pick a couple scents to associate with Iowa, what would they be? Ranch dressing? Busch Light? Erm, hogs? The Homesick candle copmpany says we smell like primarily like bourbon, cream and praline. Well, I like bourbon...

Hilarious Iowa DOT Signs

Anyone else share a sense of humor with a state's Department of Transportation? Just me? Well, every Monday the Iowa Department of Transportation puts up a sometimes hilarious, sometimes straightforward message on their road signs across the state. This is called "message Monday" and Iowa DOT tries to entertain and educate drivers through these signs. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Snake Alley in Burlington, IA

Burlington, IA is just one hundred and fifty miles away from Waterloo and a hundred miles away from Cedar Rapids is one of the most see attractions for tourists. Ripley's Believe It or Not! voted Snake Alley as the #1 Odd Spot in America.

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