The Iowa Hawkeyes are headed to sunny Orlando for a Citrus Bowl matchup against Kentucky on New Year's Day. Not a terrible draw, but after a 42-3 walloping at the hands of Michigan in the Big Ten Championship, fans continue to be left with a lot of "what-ifs" and "what might have been".

Offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz's credibility in his position has been the subject of scrutiny all season, and the loss to Michigan didn't help. There was even a petition started by fans at one point this season to get rid of him. There seemed to be a couple of interchangeable options at quarterback with usual starter Spencer Petras struggling at times, but Alex Padilla always waiting in the wings. Not without controversy, that quarterback battle became a hot topic last week, too, after third-stringer Deuce Hogan left the program.

It appears there was more to it than lack of playing time, either now or in the future. Part of a Facebook post from Hogan's mother, which was mostly praise for her son and his future, concluded with a swipe at head coach Kirk Ferentz, whose head always seems to be on a swivel after a loss like the one in Indianapolis last weekend. It was in regards to a "joke" Ferentz made when speaking with the media prior to the Michigan game.

Sports Illustrated quoted the Cedar Rapids Gazette in an article, noting that Ferentz had said "if it was Deuce, with all due respect to Deuce, I might've stayed in Iowa City", implying Hogan wasn't prepared to play and didn't in the Black Friday win at Nebraska. Almost everyone would tell you that such a jab is out of character for this coach, but Deuce and his family took offense anyway.

You can see the full text of Amy Jerilyn Hogan's post here, which appears to have been taken down from her own page but at the end said

**Side note for those that do not know what happened. Deuce did not leave Iowa because of playing time .. The head coach slandered him In a press conference ... Very out of character for the coach... he was trying to be funny... unfortunately, there was no backtracking on his mistake. He has since apologized to Deuce, the team, and the media. But Deuce cannot play for him... and everyone in the facility understands why**

Motivation, joking, or a little razzing gone too far on Ferentz's part? Either way, it's disappointing news, as the Hawkeyes really could have used Deuce next season.

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