Here in Iowa, karaoke is a big deal. Pretty much every night of the week, you can find a bar to sing your favorite song. But karaoke has gotten boring. The same songs, the same people, and the same crap. Local karaoke needs help, I think I found the answer!

Big cities are now offering Live Karaoke. What does that mean? Well, it's exactly how it sounds.....You sing your karaoke song with a live band! This concept sounds SO cool, when can we start doing this in Eastern Iowa?

Here's the deal, we need musicians. I play the bass guitar, I can help. Think how much fun this could be! To really make this work, we need some REAL talent. if you'd like to join "my band," comment below.

This could be the next big thing. If not, we'll have a whole lot of fun doing it anyway. If you know of any Live Karaoke bands that are close to our area, hit me up. The first round is on me, CHEERS!

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