Iowa and Michigan State play for the Big Ten Championship tonight in Indianapolis and if the history between these two teams is any indication, it may come down to the final play.

One of the most enduring memories of Hawkeye fans is 1985 when Chuck Long ran the bootleg and scored untouched to beat the Spartans:

Three years later, in 1988, the two teams ended in a deadlock at 10-10. Thank goodness ties are no longer allowed.

The very next year, Iowa quarterback Matt Rodgers had a chance to win the game for Iowa in the final 30 seconds. A fourth down play at the Spartans 10-yard line would end with an incomplete pass and a 17-14 Michigan State win.

2007 brought a double overtime win for the Hawks:

2008 featured more than 150 yards rushing for Iowa’s Shonn Greene, but the Hawks would come up three points short in a 16-13 loss.

2009, a play no fan of either team will ever forget. Stanzi to McNutt on the game’s final play. I was hoarse for days afterward and I wasn’t even there:

In 2012, another double overtime Hawkeye victory:

Yes, there have been many close ones between these two over the years. If your heart’s not already racing in preparations for tonight’s Big Ten Championship, this video should definitely do the trick. Here’s hoping tonight’s game doesn’t come down to the final seconds. I don’t know if my heart could take it. Knowing what’s on the line tonight, I doubt yours can either. Go Hawks!

[via Quad City Times]