Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has revealed the three new-look license plates that Iowa residents can vote on now.

The three designs were unveiled this morning, during the opening day of the 2017 Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

The three new choices are "City/Country Reboot," "Flying Our Colors," and "Great Wide Open." Here are the actual designs of the three plates:

City/Country Reboot

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Flying Our Colors

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Great Wide Open

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During the ceremony at the fair, Governor Reynolds said,

The designs represent elements of what makes us Iowans. We are patriotic. We are forward thinking. We take pride in our state’s natural beauty. And we embrace contributions from both the rural and urban areas of our state. License plates offer Iowans the opportunity to display the spirit of our state wherever they go. Each of the three designs represents the state of Iowa in its own unique way.”

The three new-look plates were created by graphic artists with the Iowa Department of Transportation. The current plate (below) has been on Iowa vehicles since 1998. Iowa has 4.4 million license plates and 4.2 million of them are this design:


Voting for the new license plates will continue through August 20. You can vote HERE and at the Iowa DOT booth inside the Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fair.

New plates will be available sometime next year and will go out to vehicle owners when they change or add a vehicle or when plates are stolen or lost. Plates will also be replaced when your "10-year replacement cycle" is reached, according to the Iowa DOT website. If you'd like to get new plates faster, you can buy a new set (when available) at the treasurer's office in your county for $5.

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