Not, bad Iowa!

According to a new study from WalletHub, Iowa is in 15th place on the list of '2019's Best & Worst States for Jobs.' They used "33 key indicators of job-market strength, opportunity and a healthy economy" to determine their rankings, which includes employment growth, monthly average starting salaries, median annual includes, and commute times.

Iowa came in 10th in the overall category of 'Job Market' and 27th for 'Economic Environment."  We also ranked 3rd in the country for 'Most Job Opportunities,' and we tied for 1st for 'Lowest Unemployment Rate!'

Here are the top 5 states for jobs in 2019:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Washington
  3. Colorado
  4. Vermont
  5. New Hampshire

The worst 5 states include:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Mississippi
  3. Kentucky
  4. Louisiana
  5. Alaska

My home state of Michigan came in 29th place overall, which means moving to Iowa for work five years ago was probably a good choice! You can check out more results from the study HERE.

[Via WalletHub]

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