A new survey from Reviews.org ranked Iowa City as the number one college town in the USA.

The site rated college towns with less than 250,000 total residents and based their findings on some pretty important criteria.

And while Iowa City didn't rank in the  college towns top ten for affordable cost of living, our home of the Hawkeyes did rank in the top ten in several other categories.

Iowa City ranked #7 for best college town for student employment. And since most college students hold a part time job or two, that's a good start!

Another top ten ranking saw the Hawkeyes scoring a #4 ranking in best college town for city access - that means it's an easy place to get around.

Iowa City scored 8th place for having the best college-educated population, but surprisingly, did NOT make the top ten list of best college towns for bars.

Regardless, little ol' Iowa City still scored so well overall that it lands the top spot for best college town in the USA. And we agree 100%.

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