Just a few week ago, Iowans cheered "Hurrah! We've survived the Polar Vortex!"

Then Mother Nature said "bring on the Gnats!"

If you think there are more gnats than usual buzzing around Iowa this springtime season, you'd be correct.

According to KWWL, "Entomologist for Iowa State University’s Extension Office, Laura Iles, says reports have shown a slight increase in gnat population in Eastern Iowa. This time of year swarms of gnats are common, but luckily they have short life spans. Iles says they should dwindle soon." 

Fortunately for us in Iowa we have another secret weapon: Bug Soother from the folks at Simply Soothing, Inc., a company based out of Columbus Junction, Iowa.

Bug Soother

I've written about it before on these pages, when I first became aware of this glorious product that really does keep those little buggers away.

It also offers peace of mind as it's an all natural product that can be safely used on children and even pets with no worries.

All this summer, we are giving away samples of Bug Soother whenever our radio stations are on location...at the Farmers Markets, Kernels ballgames, Uptown Friday Nights, and various fairs, festivals and events.

Mike Ferris
Mike Ferris

Our thanks to the folks at Simply Soothing for providing us with one of the most sought after giveaway items on the Prize Wheel!

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