Karl Hudson is a local musician that lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Karl was hospitalized last week after testing positive for COVID-19. It's been a rough week for Karl, but he's fighting hard everyday and trying his best to beat this thing.

Working in radio, I've been fortunate to meet some pretty cool rock stars over the years. At the top of the list is Bret Michaels. If you've ever met him, you know that the dude is so genuine. He does endless charity work, gives his time and talent for those in need, and is just a great guy.

I reached out to my friend and Bret's guitarist Pete Evick the other day. I had a huge favor to ask and I knew it was a long shot. The request was simple: Would Bret be willing to send a personal message to Karl Hudson in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

A few days went by and then I got a message from Pete. He told me he was still working on it and would let me know. And then this morning, I checked my phone and there it was.

I can't thank Bret and Pete enough for making this possible. I hope this will put a smile on Karl's face and keep his good vibes going!

And like I said earlier, this is what Bret Michaels is all about. I've been lucky enough to spend a little time with him over the years and he's just a good human being. Always out there trying to help, and he always has a good time doing it!

Stay strong, Karl. You have a lot friends and family that have your back.

And we won't stop praying until you're fully recovered and at your next gig!

Karl Hudson
Karl Hudson

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