Age is just a number!

Linda Watkins had one heck of a birthday this year! Most 80-year-olds would probably have some sort of family get-together, maybe go out to dinner, but not Linda. The Iowa City woman took a trip up to Wisconsin to go zip-lining in honor of turning 80-years-old. She didn't go alone, though! She invited all of her kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids to go with her. One of her sons, Terry, actually works here at Townsquare Media with us, and he said, "She's 80 years old going on 18, and she likes doing these extreme things that nobody else thinks she can do." KCRG reports that her granddaughter Carly Anderson said, "Zip-lining, I don't know how many 80-year-olds have ever zip-lined. Watching her face as she came down this last one, she was having a blast. She's a really special lady, that's for sure."

This isn't the first time Linda has done something extreme for her birthday. Apparently she went white water rafting for her 70th birthday! White water rafting, zip-lining... I can't even imagine what she'll want to do for her 90th. Linda is definitely living her life to the fullest!

Carly Peters

[Via KCRG]