Here's another reason I could never be an Uber driver. Because I would totally end up with the guy who "liked to masturbate in front of Uber drivers."

At least, that's what 27-year-old Christopher Jensen told his driver. Only, he didn't give the Uber driver any early warning.

Jensen ordered the ride around 4:45 A.M. in Iowa City several months ago and hopped in the front seat. According to the report, Jensen "took his penis out of his pants and began to masturbate in front of the driver" shortly after the ride began.

He explained to the driver that he enjoyed the activity and asked, "Do you want to touch it?"

The driver quickly stopped the vehicle and told Jensen to get out. Investigators then used Uber records to track the suspect down. Jensen acknowledged ordering the ride, but claimed to not remember masturbating.

Johnson County Sheriff's Office
Johnson County Sheriff's Office

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