If you have a collector of Cedar Rapids history on your Christmas list, let me suggest one of these 10 unique and inexpensive items from Cedar Rapids' past, all available on Etsy.

First up is a 1940's Dutch Girl Dee Luxe Ice Cream carton from Krebs Dutch Girl Inc. in Cedar Rapids.

AdvertisingCollector, Etsy

Below is a framed map of Cedar Rapids from 1868, just 30 years after the first permanent settler arrived in the city. Obviously, we were growing quite nicely.

TedsVintageArt, Etsy

Here's the first of two coffees made in Cedar Rapids. This is a 1950's Farm Market Coffee, produced by Farm Market here in Cedar Rapids. Notice no fancy flavors, just 'full flavor.'

VintagePaperTrail, Etsy

From that same decade (1950's) is Flagship Brand Coffee, roasted and packed in Cedar Rapids.

Inkpainter, Etsy

Apparently in the 1930s, if you had an expensive fur, you bought Red Cedar Flakes to protect them from moth damage. Churchill Drug in Cedar Rapids was the maker of this product.

AdvertisingCollector, Etsy

One of the most famous parts of Cedar Rapids is unquestionably the Quaker Oats plant. First opened in 1873, to this day it's the world's largest milling facility. The postcard below is from the 1950's.

hunterstreasure, Etsy

Let's go back another decade to the 1940's. A vintage postcard looking north on 3rd St., showing the Montrose Hotel. It served Cedar Rapids from 1906 to 1981. That location is now home to Towne Centre.

lotsofpostcards, Etsy

Our grandparents might have enjoyed a Life Strawberry Soda, back in the 1920's. It was bottled on the first floor of what is now the Bottleworks Loft Condominiums at 905 3rd St. S.E. in Cedar Rapids.

VintagePaperTrail, Etsy

I don't really know if this shirt is retro, but it certainly has the old school look. It makes me think of the 1970's.

ReallyAwesomeShirts, Etsy

Finally, a pendant with a 1968 map of the Cedar Rapids area. We were still five years from construction on I-380 beginning, at that time.

thependantemporium, Etsy

I hope you enjoyed this little trip through Cedar Rapids history... and what a rich history it is.