Travel is a big part of the holidays, and for some, that requires flying to see your loved ones. That was exactly the case for Des Moines resident, Dana Dunn's 12-year-old daughter. The Dunn's sent their daughter to Texas to visit her grandmother for the holidays. They told KCRG that they paid and extra $300 to have an attendant with their daughter at all times until her grandmother picked her up. Needless to say, things did NOT go as planned.

She was just sitting there waiting. Anyone could have come and got her. She said, 'Gramma, Irina was the flight attendant, and she was very nice. She then handed me off to Sharon. Sharon said, 'I'm Sharon. I'll see you later.' And Sharon was gone.'" Dana Dunn told KCRG.

KCRG reported that a United Airlines attendant left the 12-year-old alone for around 15 minutes in the Houston airport. That is, despite the fact that United's website states that "Upon arrival, a United representative will meet your child and escort them to meet the person designated to pick them up".

Luckily, the child's grandmother just happened to find her and all is well. United told KCRG that they are looking into the incident.

[Via KCRG/TV9]