It's summer! We're past Memorial Day and the Fourth, so there's a chance you're sort of 'settled in' to the whole summer thing. Kids go back to school in about a month, the budget may be a bit tapped... But wait, don't give up on the state you live in! Iowa is loaded with very inexpensive, if not free, tourist attractions you can haul the whole family to today, or on an upcoming weekend. Perhaps you've been to a few of them in your time. Or, perhaps you'll find one that interests you.

Many free or cheap tourist spots are in tiny towns

One of the perks of visiting a nature-based tourist site is you can usually find a small town nearby to visit. They probably have a unique local eatery, or if you're lucky, a brewery. As far as convincing your kids to go, tell them there are great places to take selfies. I'm guessing that would work.

Iowa is full of museums

As you'll see below, the state of Iowa has a few pretty awesome museums. In the case of at least one, it's a converted movie site. Even if you're not a museum fan, you'll still more than likely find at least one worth checking out. Again, tell your kids they can take a selfie at the museum. And, again for the adults, maybe there is a brewery nearby for you to enjoy.

So let's dive in. See how many of these sites you've seen, or if there's a couple to add to the summer list!

Free or Cheap Iowa Road Trip Destinations

Want to have some summer staycation fun... on a budget? It's easy to do in Iowa!

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