The housing market is still red hot in the U.S. and, Iowa is no exception. Despite some reports that the market is cooling off a bit, many eastern Iowa homes are going for far more than the current owners paid when they purchased.

So it may shock you to learn that there's a home here in eastern Iowa that is only $10,000. No joke. And, it's a NICE home, too!

In fact, the Zillow listing boasts that the house even has a pretty new pressure tank, installed in 2011, and a brand new furnace that went in last year in 2021. It also had new siding and windows done in 2012. So what gives? Well, there is one thing...

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The home, currently located in West Branch has a catch. And it's a big one. You see, you can buy the house for a mere $10K. Buuut, you'll have to also move the house. Yep, this home is not move-in ready. It's ready to be moved.

The land is NOT for sale. Just literally the house. So you won't be relocating, the house will.

Oh, and the buyer will need to also remove the foundation and fill in the hole left behind. That doesn't sound cheap. There is also a tenant living in the home until July, but that's not a huge deal since you'll need to figure out the logistics of moving a home anyways.

Before we look inside the most affordable home in eastern Iowa (kinda), here are some quick facts about the residents:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1,719 sq. feet
  • Built-in 1898
  • Located (for now) in West Branch, Iowa
  • Move OUT and away ready!

Let's have a look inside and outside your new $10,000 home... that you need to relocate.

This Iowa House is Only $10K But There's a HUGE Catch

The price is right. The house is very nice. Buuuut, you'll need to relocate. The house, that is.

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