Sex trafficking. It's a heavy subject, and a frightening problem that needs to be addressed. And that's exactly what CBS News and hometown activist Ashton Kutcher are doing.

Last night CBS Television aired "48 Hours': Live to Tell: Trafficked" and pulled back the curtain, showing both victims and perpetrators in a chilling account of what goes on daily in the trafficking and exploitation of teens and young adults.

To combat the horror of sex trafficking, Iowa's favorite actor/activist Ashton Kutcher, co founded Thorn, the non-profit organization whose mission is to save children at risk.

Thorn brings these real life problems to the forefront of our attention and gives parents and children-at-risk the tools needed to avoid and spot trouble.

Thorn has developed software used by law enforcement to identify both potential victims and abusers. With the help of these programs, several perpetrators have been captured, charged and incarcerated for these horrific crimes.

We applaud and thank Thorn, along with all law enforcement officers who fight this crime every day. But it's important that we support these efforts - and you can do that right here. 

[source: ThornCBS2 News]

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