ScreenCrush reported recently that J.J. Abrams; “Star Wars: Episode 7” will still include the same R2-D2 that we all know and love.  That got me thinking about if I would actually go see this new chapter in the Star Wars saga when it hits theaters in a couple years.  Ever since Episode 1, I’ve become increasingly disenfranchised with the whole thing.  I loved the originals, I even did a geekathon in the theater for the original three right before #1 came out.  After what I felt to be three moderately disappointing Lucas films and an online game that over-promised and under-delivered, I’m not entirely sure I have faith in what is to come.

But sometimes miracles happen.  With the creative hand off to Abrams, I might just give this new film a chance.  Looking back over Abrams’ work, I am really impressed with his past and present projects.  I was a big fan of “Lost” (until season 4 when I just couldn’t figure out what the f* was going on anymore), “Fringe”, his “Star Trek” films, “Person of Interest” and although only a few episodes in, so far I’m digging his new series “Almost Human”.  It looks like the cards are stacked in your favor, Mister Abrams; this geek girl may just have to get over the past and try to believe in miracles.  If anyone can do it, I think this guy can.

Now, let me share this odd little moderately related epiphany I had about R2-D2 and the Daleks (“Doctor Who”).  What would happen if a Dalek and R2-D2 were to come head-to-head?  I'm not the only one to share this line of thinking, it would go something like this:

Dalek vs. R2-D2

Or perhaps this:

R2-D2 vs. Dalek

What’s more hilariously evil than a trash can slowly rolling towards you, threatening to suck your face off with a toilet plunger while egg beating your face and shouting “EXTERMINATE!”?  If only my evil twin were that cool...