There is definitely something missing on East Washington Street in Iowa City this summer. The marquee outside The Englert Theater has been taken down for restoration work. For many who live in the area, that marquee is a part of Iowa City and will be greatly missed.

KCRG reports that the theater's development director Katie Roche says that part of the marquee was shipped off to Ohio where it will be restored to look like it did when it was originally installed back in the 1950s. The marquee restoration is just one of many projects going on at the downtown theater, the culmination of years of planning and fundraising.

According to KCRG, crews are also repairing the theater's brick facade along Washington Street and its back wall. They are also replacing numerous windows and expanding the 2nd story parlor area. While the renovations are exciting, the Englert has had to cancel more than 70 events this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those cancellations have added up to a $385,000 shortfall.

How will that money be made up? KCRG reports that the deficit makes up around 20% of the Englert's annual budget. They are said to be looking into loans, grants, and other ways of making up the shortfall. While the renovations are expected to be done by later this fall, officials realize it may be longer before the public gets to go inside. Roche said that it could be later next year before the theater is allowed to reopen. The public's support will be needed more than ever.


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