First off, nice to meet you if we haven't met yet. My name is Gabe and I'm the new guy hanging out with you in the afternoons on KRNA. I'm going to hang out with you Monday-Friday from 3-7 and I can wait to get to know you and meet up for a beer or 6.

I was born in Minneapolis and I've been in radio for a little over 8 years. I'm a Viking fan and as much as they may let us down every year, I talk crap to every Green Bay Packer and Chicago Bears fan I find. I'm going to sound like a fanboy here but I've looked up to Dwyer and Michaels for a long time and to actually be on the same station as them is pretty crazy.

All I want to do in the afternoons is make you laugh, talk smack, and maybe share some music history. You're going to learn a good bit about my maturity level in this story as I'm pretty sure I found baby Jesus in the KRNA bathroom today. They say "god is always watching" and it turns out he doesn't even take a break when you have to pee.

I've wanted to bring this up to some co-workers for the past week but I was pretty sure they'd think I was crazy, gross, or both. After showing this image to a handful of people in the building, it turns out... I may be onto something. Have you ever had to pee so bad, that as you run to the bathroom you're saying to yourself "oh god, oh god, oh god?" That was me this morning as I sprinted down the hall. Looks like god was listening to me. He showed up when I called.

Tell me this rust spot doesn't look exactly like baby Jesus.


You can see the hair, two eyes, nose, and mouth, and there's a bit of an aura surrounding little baby Jesus. He's even swaddled up in a blanket. If we've never hung out on KRNA this is sadly your introduction to my kind of humor. See you in the afternoons on KRNA.

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