Here are my top five excuses for being late on Monday:

"I still haven't got this daylight savings time down yet."   This one only last for a few weeks in early spring so you better get to using it quickly. It has a short shelf life.  But you can always revise it in the fall.

" I stayed up too late watching the Cubs/Cardinals game."  And to think there's only 161 more games to go...

" The dogs were barking, the cats were prowling, my spouse was snoring and the birds were chirping before I knew it "

"Well, now that the days are getting longer, that means the nights are getting shorter.  How am I supposed to keep up?

"I've got a problem with my eyes.  I can't see myself coming into work today".  What more can I say about this one... it really doesn't work too well if your boss has an IQ above 70.

" I had to get my rest today because I'll be up very late going to the Journey concert Monday night"

2 o Clock


I don't suppose you could really get away with  using any of these excuses as a legitimate reason for showing up late on Monday. But let me know just in case you have any luck with one or more of these lame excuses.