It seems like it's become the official alcoholic beverage of Iowa. And people around the country love it, too.

A 2014 article in Bloomberg Business Week called it "one of the most successful liquor brands in decades."

Go to any bar, tailgate, or house party and you're bound to see shots of the cinnamon whisky going around.

Many people like Fireball. It's relatively cheap, warming, and some people think it tastes good.

I'm not one of those people.

Fireball is nasty. I had my last shot of it more than a year ago, and I still can't get the taste of artificial cinnamon out of my mouth. If you want your whisky sugary sweet, why are you even drinking whisky in the first place?

So if you ever see me out at a bar and feel compelled to buy me a shot of Fireball, I'll politely decline.

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