Let me just premise this by saying, I'm NOT a crazy cat man. I love my cat. His name is Squeaks. That's it. But...I think I'm going to have to get him this sweater.

What's not to love?! It's a hoodie for me and there's a little ride-a-long pouch for him. It's a win-win! It's called the Kitty Roo Pouch Hoodie.

You have to check out all the bonus features! There are cat ears on the hood, extra long draw-strings with big fluffy balls for the cat to play with, and the pouch is removable. I mean, come on! If you're a cat owner this is obviously a must have.

If I haven't been convincing enough, watch this video and see for yourself how revolutionary this could be for you and your cat's relationship.

By the way, I'm still cool. I'm not crazy...... but yes, I love my cat.

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