With stormy weather expected to be heading into Eastern Iowa this evening, it's time for a refresher course of how to prepare for the inclement weather, and the onslaught of thrill seekers that follow. Here's a quick guide on how to spot an Iowa Storm Chaser:

Watch Which Direction Storm Chasers Are Heading: Storms usually move from west to east, but crazy weather brings exceptions to this rule. Suffice to say while others are moving AWAY from severe weather, the real gutsy ones are driving straight into the storm. Crazy, I know.

Listen to What Songs They Are Traveling To: If you hear Carrie Underwood singing "Blown Away" you'd better be running for cover. Ditto on this Van Halen song from the Twister Soundtrack.

Look Into What Kind of Cargo They Are Hauling: Those little plastic egg-shaped sonic gizmos transmitting wind direction and velocity may be a fictionalized piece of equipment, but if it looks cool and has lots of blinking lights, it's probably doing something important.

Check For Flying Debris, Including Cows and Trailer Homes: If there were ever a time to literally nail down your possessions, it's when you spot a bunch of storm chasers passing through your town.

In all seriousness, severe weather is nothing to ignore. You can keep up on all the latest weather developments this evening with our News and Weather partners at CBS2/FOX28.

[source: GIPHY, CBS2 News]

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