The Hawks are at home this Saturday for a game against Penn State. If you're like me, the 6:44 p.m. start is absolutely perfect. You have all day to prepare and PLENTY of time for tailgating!

With that said, how early is "too early" when it comes to tailgating. I mean, if you start drinking at 8 a.m, it could be a long day. With a schedule like that, you could actually be hungover before the game even starts!

I have a strict policy on long tailgate days. My formula is beer, water, beer, vodka, water, beer, water, vodka, vodka. I've been doing it for years and it never fails me. I do, however, end up in the porta potty about every 30 minutes, but at least I'm hydrated.

So, what time do you plan to start your tailgate this Saturday?

Comment below and we can discuss!

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