It won't be easy to watch the big Iowa State football game this weekend against Texas. The game isn't on ESPN, ABC, FOX or CBS. It's on an obscure channel called the Longhorn Network....don't worry, I've never heard of it either!

What sucks can't find the channel on most cable or satellite packages here in Eastern Iowa. After several phone calls, I did find out that Mr B's Bar in Cedar Rapids will have the game. Mr B's is located at 629 Second Avenue SW. The manager of the bar told me he had to call his satellite provider and pay more each month in order to get the channel. Really, the Longhorn Network!!!?

If it was me, I'd cancel the channel and the extra fees immediately after the game. I mean, when would you ever need to have the Longhorn Network here in Iowa? Rumor is they play cow tipping videos when there's no sports to weird.

Besides Mr B's, if you know of a place that will have the big game on, please comment below. I may be an Iowa fan....but I know I'll be wearing red this Friday!


(That still sounds weird to say)

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