Well, add another one to the list of cancellations.

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, "Houby Days, an annual celebration of Czech and Slovak culture, won't go on as planned this May."

This will come as no surprise as everything seems to be on hold for the immediate future. I'm super bummed about this announcement, I always loved Houby Days!

I started attending the event back in 1997 when I moved to Iowa. This was a festival that I never missed and I always looked forward to seeing the vendors and eating the awesome food Houby Days had to offer.

This is a big event for the Czech Village. It brought hundreds of people down to the village for a weekend of food, fun and entertainment.

I'm sure once the world is normal again we can enjoy this tradition in the Czech Village. I'd hate to see something with this much heritage go away.

But the Czech's are strong, and I know they'll be back!

[Source: The Cedar Rapids Gazette, hard copy]

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