You know boredom is in full force when your story ideas reach this point.

Raiding the refrigerator and rating your hot sauce collection is almost reaching the bottom of the creative barrel. Even calling it your hot sauce "collection" sounds pretty ridiculous.

But for practical purposes, the question "How Many is Too Many?" is actually very appropriate. The fridge is only so big, and can only hold a limited number of bottles and jars.

The question was most recently asked by the spouse when searching for the perfect condiment this morning. An omelette without hot sauce is really just a plate of pretentious scrambled eggs. It is the ultimate definition of boredom.

Scouring the ice box, we found over seven different types of what we consider "hot sauces". And while some shown here may technically be only "medium" in strength, please do not mistake our preferences as a weakness. We can always ratchet up the heat to a face-melting, five-alarm level at any time. We are not wimpy.

The real purpose of this demonstration is more of a recommendation inquiry. The best part of loving the hot sauce is discovering and sharing your passion with other like-minded masochists who love the variety of the heats just as much as you do.

So let's show it off!

Give us your best hot sauces, post a photo, and let us know what you think of our modest little collection.

And may tomorrow's bathroom break be a gentle one.

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